5 Easy Things You Can Do to Speed Up Windows

We tend to blame our hard drives and processors if we can´t speed up windows. Oftentimes though, there are little things we do to our windows and settings that actually cause our windows to become sluggish. Here are some easy-to-do pointers to help you speed up Windows.
  1. Remove desktop wallpaper. Desktop picture can also take up memory space particularly if you´re using high resolution JPEG or GIF files. Removing your desktop wallpaper or using very low resolution graphics can significantly speed up your PC.

  2. Disable performance monitor programs. Windows often has programs that are running in the background of your system even if you´re not actually using them or need them. Disabling these programs will speed up Windows and free up some of your RAM.

  3. Disable Windows index servicing. In the control panel, click on add/remove programs icon. Then click on add⁄remove windows components. Uncheck the "indexing services" dialogue box. Indexing services is a small program with big RAM usage. It updates indexes and lists on your computer to make your searches faster. Though it may be useful to some extent, the toll it takes on your PC is not worth the resources it consumes and is therefore unnecessary. Removing it is one effective way to speed up your computer.

  4. Minimize your installed fonts to speed up Windows. Having too many font types in your windows, particularly true fonts can take up your system resources and slow down windows. You can remove unused fonts by opening the "fonts" folder in the control panel. You can also backup the fonts you may use later on by saving them in a separate directory.

  5. Go minimalist to speed up your PC. It´s nice to have an attractive interface but applying too much ‘make-up’ can only slow down your Windows. Click on the "system" icon in the control panel, and then click on the advanced tab. In the performance box, click on "settings" and uncheck all the items EXCEPT for the following items:

    • Show shadows under menus.

    • Show shadows under mouse pointer.

    • Show translucent selection rectangle.

    • Use drop shadows for icons labels on the desktop.

    • Use visual styles on windows and buttons.

  6. RUN A REGISTRY CLEANER. Make sure that your windows registry is free from unwanted entries to speed up Windows.

The Not–So–Basic Things You Can Do to Speed Up Windows

  1. Turn off unnecessary programs and windows services.

  2. Disable system restore to speed up your computer.

  3. Defragment your hard drive and pagefiles.

  4. Turn off last folder access update by editing your registry.

  5. Switch off windows system sounds.

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