How to Save Memory to Increase PC Speed

It is not uncommon for your PC to deliver a sluggish performance what with everything that it is subjected to during daily use. However, not all of this PC slowness is attributable to faulty hardware or software. The reason may simply be over consumption of available memory due to running multiple tasks at the same time. There are simple steps that can be done to save memory and thus significantly increase PC performance speed.

Tips on Saving Memory

Add RAM. If you are not satisfied with how your computer runs, then an additional RAM module might be needed. This added memory can significantly boost the speed at which your PC performs.

Clean the Startup Menu. There are certain programs that run automatically as you load Windows. These startup programs are not really required and they simply eat up much needed memory resulting in slower PC performance. Configure its settings to prevent certain applications from loading along with your operating system.

Turn off Active Desktop. Enabling the Active Desktop is not necessary unless you make use of certain features that require its activation. For everything else, simply disable the Active Desktop to free up precious memory.

Ctrl+Alt+Del. Press these keys simultaneously to open the Task Manager. The Task Manager is used to shut down unnecessary applications and processes that are running. Programs that run in the background are nasty hoggers of memory! And thus greatly contribute to diminished PC performance.

Silence Please! Deactivate theme sounds from your desktop to free up additional memory. This can be done by accessing the Control Panel and choosing the Sounds and Multimedia option. Go to Schemes and then select No Sounds.

Clean up the Desktop. Needless icons and shortcuts on the desktop must be removed since they also hog memory. These icons can simply be deleted by selecting them from the desktop and pressing the Delete key.

Turn off the Screen Saver. While they can entertain you when your computer is idle, screensavers are big users of memory and is one of the contributors to a slower PC.

Remove Unused Programs.Make it a habit to remove programs that are no longer used. This will free up disk space as well as prevent unnecessary usage of PC memory.

Keep your PC running at peak levels by keeping it free from unnecessary files and programs that can hamper its operation. The above tips are but a few of the steps that can be done to save memory for increased PC speed. Perform them regularly to enjoy hassle-free PC operations!

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